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Connect 5 rings of your colour in a single line: horizontally, vertically or diagonally. This results in an immediate victory.

In case no one manages to reach this target, the player with the biggest group of orthogonally connected rings wins.

Board setup

There are 4 board tiles, each of size 3 x 3. These are randomly arranged to create a 6 x 6 game board.

Each player gets 15 rings, with their colour face up (red or white).



The first player may place one ring of their colour anywhere on the board.

The dark line in the centre of the tile indicates the direction in which the next player must place their ring.

Successively placed rings must conform to the direction indicated, except where no valid position exists. In which case, that player has the freedom to place their ring in any empty square on the board.


By inserting your ring between two of your opponent's rings you cause their rings to be flipped to your colour. For example: W-W --> WRW = RRR.

Note that your opponent's rings do not need to be directly adjacent to your just-inserted ring. For example: WRR-RW --> WRRRRW = RRRRRR

It is possible that the placement of one ring creates more than one insertion.


Flanking your opponent's rings is not an insertion, and does not cause any rings to be flipped.