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How to play


Solo playthrough tutorial

For tips on how to play parks, see Tips_parks

Visual rules (much better for learning the game)


  • Players take on the roles of two Hikers as they trek across different Trails during the four Seasons of a Year.
  • Each Trail represents a different Season, and as each Season passes, the Trails change and grow steadily longer.
  • Each turn, players send one of their Hikers down the Trail.
  • While on the Trail, Hikers will see beautiful Sites and perform an action when they arrive.
  • When a Hiker reaches the end of the Trail, they can spend tokens they have received to visit Parks and earn points.
  • Your goal is to have the most points from your Parks, Photos, and Personal Bonus at the end of the Year.

Taking turns

  • The player with the First Hiker Marker takes the first turn of the Season.
  • On a turn, a player selects either one of their Hikers and moves the Hiker to a Site of their choice down Trail—anywhere to the right of that Hiker’s current location.
  • When the Hiker lands on the new Site, the player performs the Site’s action.
  • After taking the action, the next player takes a turn.
  • Turns continue until the Season ends.
  • If another Hiker—even your own—is already occupying a Site, then it cannot be visited unless you use your Campfire.
  • If you gain a Water token on your turn, you can place it in an empty Canteen to gain the benefit shown on the card.
  • Wildlife tokens, like their name implies, are "wild" and can be used in place of another token.
    • Except for filling a Canteen and 1-to-1 token exchange Canteen effect.
  • Note: you are not allowed to hold more than 12 tokens.
    • If you gain more, you have to discard down to 12.

Basic Sites

  • These Sites will appear every season:
    • Forest: Gain one Forest token.
    • Mountain: Gain one Mountain token.
    • Ocean: Gain two Water tokens.
    • Valley: Gain two Sunshine tokens.
    • Vista: Draw a Canteen OR turn in 2 tokens to take a Photo and gain the Camera.
      • A player who holds the Camera can take a Photo for 1 token instead of 2.
  • With 4 or more players, one additional basic Site is added:
    • Waterfall: Gain a Sunshine and a Water token.

Advanced Sites

  • Before the start of each Season, one of these Sites is added to the Trail.
  • The fourth and final Season will have all of these Sites:
    • Lodge: Turn in one token and gain any one token (excluding Wildlife tokens).
      • You may do this a second time.
    • Lookout: Reserve or Visit a Park OR Buy a Gear card.
    • Wildlife: Turn in any one token to gain a Wildlife token.
    • River: Turn in a Water token to copy the action from another Site occupied by a Hiker.
  • Note: the Trailhead and the Trail End are not Sites.

Trail End

  • When you move a Hiker to the Trail End, you relight your Campfire if it is extinguished.
  • The Trail End has three locations:

Reserve a Park

  • You take a face-up Park or a Park from the top of the deck.
  • You don't pay resources or score points.
  • You may later Visit that Park.
  • The first player who uses this space each season takes the First Hiker Marker.

Buy Gear

  • The first player (or, in a game with 4 or more players, the first two players) can buy Gear for one fewer Sunshine token.

Visit a Park

  • Pay the cost shown on the Park to gain the indicated number of points.

End of a Season

  • Once a player’s two Hikers reach the Trail End, they will no longer take turns for the Season.
  • When only one Hiker is left on the Trail, the player must move the Hiker to the Trail End and choose an action there.
  • This marks the end of the Season.
  • At the end of a Season:
    • The player with the Camera may pay 1 token to take a Photo.
    • All Canteens are emptied, and their Water token is returned to the supply.
    • All Hikers return to the Trailhead.
  • After the fourth Season, the game is over.
  • All players reveal their Year cards and score points based on their Personal Bonus.
  • The player with the First Hiker Marker gains 1 additional point.
  • The player with the most points at the end is the winner!
  • If tied, the win goes to the player who visited the most Parks.
  • If still tied, the win is shared.

Notable Game Components

  • 48 Park cards
  • 10 Season cards
  • 12 Year cards
  • 36 Gear cards
  • 15 Canteen cards
  • 10 Trail Sites
  • 2 Hikers / player
  • 1 Campfire / player
  • 1 Camera
  • 1 First Hiker Marker
  • 16 Forest tokens
  • 16 Mountain tokens
  • 30 Sunshine tokens
  • 30 Water tokens
  • 12 Wildlife tokens
  • 28 Photos = 1 point each