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  • Glow plays in 8 days (rounds)
  • The player with the most bursts of light at the end of the game wins.

Selecting an Adventurer

  • Players use the same adventurer throughout the entire game

Anatomy of the adventurer cards

  • Upper left-hand corner: resources (big dice) the adventurer will provide you
    • Different colored dice have different die faces, each color die has an additional face of matching resource (hover to see the die faces)
    • Purple die has a face that earn you 2 footprints
    • Yellow die has a face that earns you 3 bursts of lights
  • Upper right-hand corner: some adventurers will provide you with additional bursts of light at game end
  • Bottom: condition (right side of arrow) and effect (left side of arrow) triggered when the condition is met
    • Pocana had no condition/effect

Game Play

  • Each round has 5 phases
  • Players start on 10 of the score track
  • Prior to the start of the first round, 9 small dices are rolled and are placed on the meeting track (strip below the main board) according to the resources facing up
    • Track position with no die will receive a footprint token


  • Recruit your companion and obtain the corresponding small dice above the companion
    • The initial dice faces were only used to determine their posiitons on the meeting track. They will be rerolled at a later time to determine the resources that you will receive.
    • In a 2-player game, the first player will choose an additional companion to discard (send to cemetery) after choosing their companion
  • Dice not selected will remain will remain in place for the next round

Anatomy of the companion cards

  • Very similar to that of an adventurer card with a few exceptions
    • The companion that will provide you with an additional large die will be indicated on the upper left-hand corner
    • Certain companion may have negative impact at the end of the game, i.e. substract bursts of light from your total
    • symbol with a small cricle and stripe across it under it = effects are triggered in the absence of the specified symbol
    • skull = this companion will be sent to the cemetary (discarded for the rest of the game) when the effect was triggered

Late morning

  • Roll all of your dice
  • Players can reroll as many times as they like provided they have
    • reroll tokens
    • companions that give them the ability to reroll (once per turn)
    • opt to move backward on the score track to the next reroll symbol
  • Players can reroll up to two dice each time
  • Players can also opt to spend 3 reroll tokens to change one die face to any die face


  • Resolve your cards according to the result of your dice
    • Each die can be apply to each card once
    • Cards can be triggered more than once if the conditions are met multiple times (i.e. if your cards call for 2 leaves to be triggered, having 4 leaves will allow you to trigger the effect twice)
    • Player decide on the order the cards are triggered (be mindful if you are discarding a companion that comes with a die, discarding this companion first will remove the die for your remainder cards)


  • Move your company (refer to the main board)
    • for The Province of Shadows, your company starts on the bottom left-hand corner
    • for The Archipelago of Darkness, your boat starts in the middle of the board
  • Player use their available die faces or footprint token to move on the map, each die can be used once
    • footprint tokens act as wild cards
    • be mindful that certain path costs resources to traverse and certain villages (locations with bursts of light) costs resources to enter
  • Choice of placing an emcampment in villages
    • placing an encampment ends your movement/turn
    • the placement of the encampment determines the number of bursts of light that a player will receive at game end


  • The small dice are placed back onto the meeting track according to their current die faces

End-of-Game Scoring

  • Adventurer and companions - addition and substraction from player's adventurer and remaining companions are added
  • Journey board - bursts of light from the location of the emcampment (Province of Shadow) or boat (Archipelago of Darkness) is added
  • Fireflies - any player with same or more fireflies from their companion and tokens will receive 10 additional bursts of light
  • Footprint tokens - each remaining footprint is worth one burst of light