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Be the quickest to fill all 3 of your sticks and score the most points from them


On your turn, roll the dice then go to work or go shopping

Rolling the Dice

The dice give one of three results:

You obtain one crystal sugar drop, then everyone has the option to spend 4 of them to garnish 1 complete fruit stick by flipping them to the pink side to give each tile in the stick 1 extra star

You obtain one coin

You gain a random fruit tile to add to your sticks or put back in the bag

Go to Work

Gain coins equal to visible coins on your board not covered by fruit tokens (Remember you have a coin limit of 9 at any time)

Go Shopping

You can buy as much fruit as you want or can afford

Each fruit costs 1 + the number of money bags visible in the store

If you only purchase a single fruit, you also gain 1 crystal sugar drop

After buying fruit, it is placed on any stick of your choosing, but on the lowest space of that stick

If you have completed a stick, you may receive a reward: All different Fruits = 5 coins; All same Fruits = 2 Sweet Cards; Two Pairs of Fruit = 1 Sweet Card + 2 Crystal Sugar Drops (For all three types, the Haw Fruit is wild and can count towards any, the Haw Fruit is the red apple/cherry looking one)

Game End

The game ends when one player has finished all 3 sticks and everyone has had an even number of turn, then add up the following:

Stars on fruits on sticks

Stars on Sweet Cards

2 Stars for the single player with most Crystal Sugar Drops (only one award, so if tied no one gets it)

The most stars is the winner, coins are a tiebreaker