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Link to Combined Rules (2022)

Interface Info


  • Top right of the page lets you set preferences that will be remembered from game to game
    • Preference option for Track brightness and contrast. 6 styles to choose from with a variety of contrast and brightness values
    • Preference option for Cubes brightness and contrast. 6 styles to choose from with a variety of contrast and brightness values
    • Track building now has an optional visual aid to help you understand which tracks you are currently building.
    • Optional display for colour blind folk.
      • Cubes are replaced with letters representing the original cube colour.
        • • R - Red
        • • B - Blue
        • • G - Black
        • • Y - Yellow
        • • P - Purple
      • Cities have a tooltip stating the colour of the city.
      • Link tokens showing ownership of a link now have the name of the colour instead of the engine image.

In Game controls

  • Ctrl Mouse Wheel zooms the map when you are over the map, otherwise it will zoom the web page.

Game Options


  • • Eastern US
  • • Mexico
  • • Great Britain
  • • Western US
  • • Portugal

Bidding Style

  • Traditional
    • • Winner pays full value of their bid and is First Player, all other players pay nothing.
    • • Then turn order proceeds clockwise around the table.
    • • If all the players choose to pass, then the player to the left of the previous First Player becomes the new First Player
  • First to pass
    • • Winner pays full value of their bid and is First Player.
    • • Each player who passes, pays half their bid rounded up.
    • • First player to pass becomes the last player.
    • • Second to pass becomes second to last etc.
    • • If all the players choose to pass, then the player who passes last becomes the new First Player.
  • Worst is First
    • • There is an initial bid for game starting position then
    • • at the start of a new turn, the player order is determined by the current score.
    • • Worst score becomes the new First Player.
    • • Second worst is the new Second Player etc.
    • • In case of scoring ties, the player with higher (worst) turn order wins the tie.
    • • All "Railroad Executive" operation cards are discarded.

City Rotors

  • Cities with Rotors always act as their base color (the color on the upper section of the city) and will often provide a second color showing on the bottom of the city.
  • Cubes matching either color that arrive at a City Rotor must be delivered there.
  • After every delivery to the city, the City Rotor will rotate to a new color.
  • The City Rotor Color Wheel describes each color transition.


  • The Place Mine action is available to each player two times in the game during the player action round.
  • The active player may pay $10,000 to place a Mine.
  • They immediately choose a gray city and begin drawing cubes from the goods bag until they draw a cube that matches the color of a previously drawn cube (maximum of 5 draws).
  • Place the cubes drawn on the gray city, after discarding the matching cube.
  • A city may only be mined once in a game.

Empty City Markers reduction for faster games

  • The Empty City Marker count can be reduced to speed up the end of the game.

Playing the game

  • Turns and Player Action Rounds. RotW is played in a series of Turns. Each Turn consists of the following 3 phases:
    • • 1 - First Player Auction to determine First Player
    • • 2 - Player Actions (1 per player in Turn Order in each of 3 Rounds)
    • • 3 - Income and Dividends
  • These three phases are repeated until the End of Game is triggered (see below), at which time the current Turn is completed (all 3 phases) and then one additional Turn is played.

Phase 1 - First Player Auction

  • Players bid to determine First Player for all Rounds of Phase 2 this Turn
    • The First Player from the previous Turn bids first
    • Minimum bid is $1k
    • Bidding proceeds clockwise (down the list in player status table)
    • If a player chooses not to bid higher than the current bid they Pass and are out of the Auction
    • The player with the winning bid takes the First Player marker (golden engine in the player status table)
    • Turn order is clockwise from First Player
    • If all players pass with no bids, First Player marker moves 1 spot clockwise

Phase 2 - Player Actions

  • Each Turn the Phase 2 consists of 3 Rounds of player actions, in Turn Order
  • On each Round each player may take 1 of 5 available actions (same action may be taken on subsequent Rounds within the same Turn)

A - Build Track

  • Place from 1 to 4 track tiles, starting at any city or open track tile that you own
  • Cost to build track:
    • • Build on plains (no symbol): $2k
    • • Build on water (water drop): $3k
    • • Build on mountains (grey dot): $4k
    • • Cross a mountain ridge (dark red/brown line): + $4k
  • A series of tiles that connect one city to exactly one other city is called a Link
  • At the end of Phase 2 any open tracks (i.e. a series that is not a Link) will be removed from the board

B - Urbanize

  • Player pays $10k to place an available New City tile on a gray city hex and add two random Goods Cubes to the new city

C - Upgrade Engine

  • Upgrade your player Engine one (and only one step) by paying the cost of the next upgrade

D - Deliver One Goods Cube

  • Deliver one (and only one) Goods Cube from one City to a City matching the Goods Cube's color
  • May travel over as many links as the strength of the acting player's Engine
  • May not move a Cube without delivering it (final Link must move to a City of the Cube's color)
  • May not skip over a City of the Cube's color without delivering it (even if a City further down the line is the same color)
  • First Link over which the Good travels must be owned by Player taking the action
  • Each player who owns a Link over which the Good travels scores 1 point per traveled Link that they own

E - Select a Railroad Operations Card

  • Take one of the available Railroad Operations cards and either execute it immediately or place it in front of you (depending on the type of card)

Phase 3 - Income and Dividends

  • All players collect the income shown on the space of the point track / income track occupied by their marker
  • THEN all players must pay $1k per held Bond (including taking new Bonds to cover this cost, if necessary)

End of Game

  • When the last Goods Cube in a City is moved out, an Empty City marker is placed in the City
  • The game end is triggered when the last Empty City marker is placed on the board
  • The turn is completed normally and then there is one more complete turn before the game ends
  • It is possible to remove an Empty City marker from the board via Railroad Operations Cards or the Urbanize action
  • If End of Game has been triggered and an Empty City marker is removed from the board it does not "un-trigger" End of Game
  • When the game finishes, in addition to the standard Income Phase, each player loses 1 point for every bond issued
  • Rail Baron cards held by each player are now tested and if their goal has been achieved, points will be awarded