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You do not need to roll the die when:
1. your opponent played a blue card and you reply with a blue card,
2. your opponent played a blue card without a slice effect and you reply with an orange card,


Stars can be used to reduce the difficulty of your strokes as follows:

On serve: 1∗: -2 // 2∗: -4
Rally Points: 1∗: -3 // 2∗: -5 // 3∗: -7


Some cards apply an effect to the ball (you can also add an effect on your serve):

Topspin: after replying a stroke with a topspin effect, a player will have to discard 1 card if they want to move to the volley zone.
Slice: when receiving a ball with a slice effect, the stroke difficulty is increased by +2 on all orange and red strokes (except volley)


1. After a stroke, you can always move to the volley zone for free, unless your opponent is already at the volley.
2. If just after hitting a stroke you find yourself on either side, replacing yourself in the middle will cost you 1 Star.
3. If you are on the backcourt when receiving the ball, moving to the backcourt central zone is always free.
4. If you are on either side of the backcourt when receiving the ball and need to cross to the opposite side, you will have to discard 1 Card from your hand to do so.
5. If you are in the volley zone and want to reposition yourself in the backcourt after your stroke, you will have to discard 1 Card from your hand to do so.


- Baseline Defense (blue): 19
- Downline the Line (blue): 4
- Crosscourt (blue): 4
- Attack (orange): 8
- Passing (orange): 6
- Volley (red): 10
- Drop Shot (red): 2
- Drop Shot Volley (red): 2
- Lob (red): 2
- Smash (red ): 1
- Winner (red): 2


A) Tie-breaker mode: This mode is an excellent choice if you are not yet completely at ease with the tennis rules. With this mode, you will play the tie-breaker of a real tennis match. The first player to score 7 points wins the game! To win, a 2-point difference between the players is necessary.

B) Whole match mode: This mode is an excellent choice if you are an expert and/or if you want a long game. In this mode, play an actual tennis match! - To win a game : A game is won after scoring 2 points. Therefore, the score in a game is 0/40/ game. For the first point, the server serves into the Forehand zone of the opponent. For the second point, they serve into the Backhand zone. At 40/40, a decisive point is played and the receiver chooses then on which side to play the return. - To win a set : Just like in real life, a set is won after winning 6 games with a 2-games difference and a tie-breaker at 6-6. -To win a tie-breaker at 6-6 : When playing a decisive game, the order of servers is A/B/B/A/A/B/B... The first player to score 2 points more than the opponent wins the decisive game. - To win the match : The first player to win 2 or 3 sets is the winner (depending on the players’ decision at the beginning of the game)