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Be the player with the highest scoring wildlife park over the course of 3 Years.


6 New Plot Cards

21 Enclosure Cards

54 Animal Cards

15 Upgrade Cards

Playing the Game (2-6 players)

For solo player rules see the solo section.

The game is played over 3 Years. Each Year goes through the following four phases.

1. Deal Cards
2. Pick and Pass Cards
3. Develop Park
4. End of Year

1. Deal Cards

The following number of cards are dealt to each player per Year. Throughout the game, the cards in players’ hands are kept secret.

Players Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
2 10 9 8
3 9 8 7
4 8 7 6
5 7 6 5
6 6 5 4

2. Pick and Pass Cards

Each turn, all players pick any 1 card from their hand that they’d like to keep for their park. When every player has done this, all the chosen cards are turned face-up. Cards are not yet placed into your park as this will happen in the Develop Park phase.

After revealing cards, the players pass their remaining hand face-down to the player below them on the BGA table. Players pick a card from this new hand. Continue this pick and pass process until all cards have been taken.

In Year 2 cards are instead passed in the opposite direction, and in Year 3 cards are again passed in the same direction as Year 1.

2. Develop Park

Each player uses the cards they chose during the pick and pass card phase to build up and develop their park. This involves playing enclosures, moving or placing new animals in enclosures and installing enclosure upgrades.

Enclosures will be played for you automatically and face up below the New Plot enclosure that you start with.

Play an animal by placing that animal card to the right of an enclosure or to the right of an animal or upgrade already in an enclosure.

Animals need to be placed in enclosures whilst satisfying all of the following:

  • - At least one of the animals habitat requirements is installed in the enclosure.
  • - There is enough available space left in the enclosure.
  • - Fierce animals cannot live in an enclosure with animals of a different name. Friendly animals can live in an enclosure with any other friendly animals.

During the Develop Park phase, animals that already live in enclosures placed in previous years can be moved to another enclosure as long as the placement requirements are still followed.

Animals that are not placed in an enclosure at the end of a Year will be scored negatively (See End of Year phase) and they will be discarded.

Upgrades can be installed in any existing enclosures or any enclosures played on the current Year, but once installed they cannot be moved to a different enclosure in subsequent Years.

You do not have to play an upgrade card if you do not want to but if they are not installed in an enclosure during this phase then they must be discarded. There is no penalty for discarding an upgrade card but you cannot discard an upgrade that was already installed in a previous Year.

4. End of Year

Once everyone has finished developing their park, the End of Year phase starts and cards can no longer be played or moved.

For each enclosure in your park:

  • - Add up the value of each animal placed in the enclosure (taking into account any additional rules on each animal).
  • - Multiply this by the Satisfaction multiplier of the enclosure.

This is handled automatically for you in BGA.

In a Standard Pen that contains two Lions you will score you 6 points as the Lion has a value of 3 and the Standard Pen has an enclosure multiplier of x1: (3+3)x1

For any animal that has not been housed in an enclosure deduct the value of that animal from your score for that Year and the animal is discarded into the chipper. You cannot score less than 0 in a Year.

End of game and Final Scoring

The game ends once the End of Year phase has been completed in Year 3. Not all cards will have necessarily been dealt and played from the deck.

The winner is the person with the highest score (the total score from all 3 Years). In the case of a draw, out of the players with the highest score, the player with the most unique animals in their park wins.