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  • Minimalist 2-player abstract strategy game.
  • Players are architects competing to build Towers.
  • The last piece determines the opponent's possible moves.
  • The first player to control three Towers wins the game.

Game play

  • White starts by playing any piece on any space.
  • Players take turns to play one of their pieces.
  • Each space of the board can support only one Tower.
  • Each Tower is made of one piece of each kind:
  • Note: each Tower can have either colour of pieces.
  • Note: pieces may be played in any order.
  • If the active player cannot play according to the last piece's rule, they may play on any empty space.
  • A Tower is controlled by the player with the most pieces.
    • i.e. 2 or 3 pieces.


  • The opponent must play in an othogonally adjacent space.
    • i.e. vertically or horizontally.
  • Note: White cannot place two squares in a row as their first and second move.


  • The active player selects the orientation.
    • Must point to at least one space.
  • The opponent must play in the line indicated by the Triangle.
  • Note: Triangles cannot be re-oriented.


  • The opponent must play on the same space.

Game End

  • The first player to control three completed Towers wins.
  • If the active player has no possible moves the game ends with tiebreaks:


  1. Most completed towers.
  2. Most two-piece towers.
  3. Most one-piece towers.