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Be the first to reach the end of the faith track OR have 7 development cards


On your turn, pick one action:

Take Resources

Buy Development

Activate Production

Take Resources

Choose a column or row in the market and take all the depicted resources

After which, take the spare marble and push it on the row/column you picked to change that row/column

If you gain Faith Points, you move your marker on the Faith track rather than gaining resources

Place gained resources in your warehouse respecting the following conditions: each depot must contain all of the same resources, and no two depots can store the same resources

You have a depot of 1 space, one depot of 2 spaces, and a final depot of 3 storage spaces. When gaining resources, you can move resources around how you like as long as afterwards you keep to the above mentioned conditions

If you can't store a resource, it is discarded and all other players gain 1 Faith Point for EACH resource discarded this way

Buy Development

To buy a development, pay the cost shown in the top middle

Development cards need to be bought in level order (levels are displayed via the number of bubbles in the flag)

Level 1 cards can be played into your empty spaces

Level 2 cards are played over Level 1 cards

Level 3 cards are played over Level 2 cards

Note only the Level matters when covering up an old card, types don't have to match

Activate Production

You can activate any and all Development cards previously bought as well as your starting production on your player board (2 same or different resources for 1 resource) ONCE each

Any resources gained via Production do NOT go in your Warehouse Depots, instead they are stored in your Strongbox which has no limits on quantity or type

All productions are considered to happen at the same time, as such you can't use resources one production would gain you to power another

Vatican Report

When a player's Faith marker moves over a Pope space, they gain that reward for that section and everyone who has not reached it has to discard theirs, but if you are in the section but not reached the pope you also gain the reward

Bonus Action

If you wish to discard a leader from your hand, you gain 1 Faith Point

If you satisfy the conditions of a leader in your hand, as a bonus action, you can play it to receive an ongoing effect

Game End

The game ends when a player either reaches the end of the Faith Track or purchases their 7th Development card

All Visible and Hidden Development cards score the players points printed on them

The Faith Track gives players points based on the nearest passed VP space

Any Pope Favour Tiles grant points

Played Leader cards grant points

For every 5 resources you still have, gain 1VP

The player with the most points wins!