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To win: make words, stay out of the red zone, and have equal scores at the end. To get a better score, make longer words. Words score their length minus 3.

At the start of each turn, you draw 3 new cards.

Each turn you get 2 actions.

For each action, you may:

1. Give a card (click on one of your cards, then click on an arrow to place it there in your partner's hand)

2. Move a card in your partner's hand (click on one of their cards, then click the arrow where you want it to go)

3. Claim a word. Use the up/down arrows to change the letter you are using on each card. Highlight the cards you are using. A word must be spelled out using consecutive cards, using one letter from each card going left to right. If cards are in the wrong place, your partner needs to help you. Words must be 4 letters or longer.

At the END of your turn, you need to have 8 or fewer cards. Make sure you're below this limit by claiming words or giving cards away.

After the deck is empty, each player gets one last turn to claim a word and/or help their partner make a word. You can also pass.

At the end of the game, if the players' scores are equal, you win!

Once you have managed to win, try to get a better score.

4-letter words score 1pt

5-letter words score 2pts

6-letter words score 3pts

7-letter words score 4pts

and so on.

Based on the scores of ONE player (half your combined score):

4-6: a bare success

7-8: good

9-10: great

11-12: Brilliant!

13+: A perfect couple.

18 is the hypothetical maximum score. 15 pts (30 combined) is the best so far. For a list of everyone who has scored 13+, check the forums.