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To win, prove you’re the most experienced traveler by moving around the map and scoring Victory Points (VP).


At the start of the game, two random Journey effects are selected. These stay in place for the whole game.

Players take turns. On your turn, do the following in order:

  1. Optionally Fly: If you are at an Airport you may move to a different one.
  2. Move: Discard one or more Trek cards to move a number of steps equal to the numbers on them. (Suits are ignored.) You must move if you can. If you land on a cube, pick it up and put it in your suitcase.
  3. Action: Either Draw Two (draw two cards from the row and/or top of the draw deck), Take a Tour (claim a Destination card by discarding Trek cards that match its color requirements) or Journey (discard two cards of the same colour to trigger either Journey bonus effect)

Victory points

A golden compass indicates Victory Points. Collect these wherever you can.

Find them on:

  • Destination cards:
    Visit places shown on Destination cards and then “Take a Tour” to experience their wonder and history.
    Destination cards will earn you a lot of Victory Points.
  • Victory Point tokens:
    Touring some Destinations will earn you an additional 3 or 5 Victory Point token.
    Some Journey cards also give Victory Point tokens.
  • Your Suitcase:
    As you travel around the map you will collect Souvenir cubes, which are kept in your suitcase.
    Collecting sets of different color Souvenirs will earn you Victory Points.
  • Most Souvenirs tiles:
    Collecting enough Souvenir cubes of any one color can earn you the matching Most Souvenirs tile, which is worth Victory Points.
  • Region Bonus tokens:
    Collecting the last Souvenir from a region lets you collect a Region Bonus token.
    Each Region Bonus token you collect is kept secret and is worth between 2 and 6 Victory Points.

End of Game

The game ends when 5 of the 6 Region Bonus tokens have been claimed, or when a player Tours their fifth Destination card.

In either case, the player who triggered the end finishes their turn and the game ends.