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Each round, pass and play draft style your hand of cards until all cards have been played. There are 2 rounds.


Select a card from your hand to play. This can either be played as treasure or as food.

If you wish to play a card as food, look at the number in the first circle with the cutlery, this shows you how much it can allow you to grow.

If you play a card as treasure, it is placed in a position matching the number in the circle (the height). This will do nothing for you unless your Kraken reaches this height via feeding before the end of the round. "L" cards have no height and are obtained immediately without need for growth.

Cruise Ships

The cruise ships have a default height of 4 and are taken in a first come first served basis, with the highest value boat given to the first player to reach them.

End of Round

After all cards are played, the round ends.

Your Kraken automatically collects anything within reach, anything beyond its reach is lost.

End of Game

Look at the number in the shield of the cards you have obtained, these are the points you have made.

Baby Kraken - If tied for first, the points are shared and there is no second place. If tied for second, points are shared.

Mermaids - These are scored in sets of 3 i.e. 4 would be a set of 3 and a set of 1