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Game Overview

The players take turns, one after another, until the end of the game is triggered.

On your turn, you take tokens from the board or use those in your possession to buy Jewel cards, which award you with the Prestige points and Crowns you require to win. These cards also offer special abilities and bonuses, which reduce the cost of acquiring future Jewel cards.

To win, you must fulfil one of the three conditions indicated on the Victory tile.

Player Turn

On your turn, you first perform none, one, or both of the optional actions, in the indicated order (i.e. you cannot spend Privilege1 Privilege Scroll after a Replenish action).

Then, you must perform one mandatory action.

Optional actions

Perform any, all or none in the indicated order

1) Spend Privilege1 (Privilege Scroll) to take 1 non-Gold token from the board. Can be done any number of times.

2) Replenish as many empty token spaces as there are tokens in the bag. Opponent takes Privilege1 (Privilege Scroll). Cannot be done if there are no tokens in the bag. Tokens will be replenished starting from the central space and following the printed spiral until there are no more tokens in the bag.

When you must take a Privilege, and there are none left above the board, take Privilege1 from your opponent. If you already have all Privilege3, nothing happens.

Mandatory action

You must perform one of the following three actions:

1) Take up to 3 adjacent non-Gold tokens in an uninterrupted row, column, or diagonal.

  • • 3 identical or 2 Pearl tokens: opponent takes Privilege1 (Privilege Scroll).

2) Take 1 Gold token from the board + reserve 1 Jewel card (either from the pyramid or the top of any deck).

  • • Cannot be done if there are no Gold tokens on the board or if you have 3 reserved cards.

3) Purchase 1 Jewel card from the pyramid or your reserve. Cost (bottom left).

  • • Bonus Jewel (top right) decreases the cost of future card purchases.
  • • If there is a white number in the top left, these are Prestige points. Gain 20 of these to win the game. (or 10 on the same color)
  • • Some cards confer special abilities, see below.
  • • The top of some cards depict 1 or more crowns, see below.
  • • Gold tokens are wild and can be used in place of any Gem or Pearl token.
  • • Spent tokens are returned to the bag.

Card abilities

  • ability 1 Take another turn.
  • ability 4 Take Privilege1 (Privilege Scroll).
  • ability 3 Take a token matching the color of this card from the board.
  • ability 5 Take 1 non-Gold token from your opponent.
  • ability 2 Copy the color of a previously acquired bonus jewel.


  • • Upon acquiring your 3rd Crown, take 1 of the available Royal cards and resolve its ability.
  • • Upon acquiring your 6th Crown, take 1 of the available Royal cards and resolve its ability.

A royal card earns you additional prestige points and grants an above card ability. Taking a Royal card is not an action.

Turn end

  • Discard down to 10 tokens.

Game end

A player wins immediately with:

  • • ≥ 20 Prestige points OR
  • • ≥ 10 Crowns OR
  • • ≥ 10 Prestige points on cards of the same color (including "copy color" cards).


  • • First player is chosen at random: their opponent starts with 1 Privilege.
  • • When you must take a Privilege, but none are available, take 1 from your opponent instead.
  • • Gold tokens are wild and can be used in place of any Gem or Pearl token.
  • • Reserving a card is the only way to gain a Gold token.
  • • You cannot reserve a card if there are no Gold tokens on the board or you already have 3 reserved cards.
  • • There is no penalty for having reserved cards at the end of the game.
  • • If you don’t have a card with a bonus (jewel in the top right of a card), you cannot purchase a ability 2 card.
  • • You can have more than 10 tokens during your turn, but must discard tokens in excess of 10 at the end of your turn.
  • • When you fulfil one or more of the three victory conditions, the game ends immediately and you win!