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Twin Palms is a beautiful escape from your traditional trick-taking card game.

A game of Twin Palms is played over several rounds.

The number of rounds played depends on the number of players (2/3/4/5 players = 6/6/8/5 rounds).


Each round will progress through of the following phases in this order:

  1. Deal
  2. Bid & Bet
  3. Play Tricks
  4. Score


Shuffle the card deck and deal each player a hand of 10 cards.

Easy mode uses only 1 suit (Palms), Normal mode uses 2 suits (Palms and Dolphins), and Advanced/Extreme mode use all 3 suits (Palms, Dolphins, Sunglasses).

Each suit has 24 cards: 2 copies of 0~10 and wild.

Bid & Bet

Predict how many tricks you think your cards will win by selecting a Bid card secretly.

You may also choose to make a Bet. The amount you can bet is limited by your Bet card options. In 'No bets' mode players cannot place bets.

Play Tricks

The person with the start player token leads first trick of the round.

Players must select exactly two cards from their hand and play them face up.

If any of the cards they play are wild, they must announce what number they are assigning to each wild. Wilds can be any number from 0 to 10.

Each set of cards played will have a rank defined by the reference card. Whichever player played the highest ranked set of cards wins the trick.

  • Pairs will always beat no pairs.
  • Palms are the strongest, followed by dolphins, followed by Sunglasses, and followed by mixed suits.

If two or more players played the same rank, then whoever played the highest numbered card wins.

If two or more players play sets of cards with the same rank and numbers (a tie), their cards are discarded and they cannot win the trick.

If all players are tied, no one wins the trick and all cards are discarded.

The next trick is led out by the previous trick-winner (or the starting player of the round if no one has won a trick yet).


Once all cards have been played for the round, players score points according to their Bid card and win or lose placed bets.

Pass the start player token to the next player and start a new round.

Once players have completed the defined number of rounds, the game ends. The player with the most points wins!

Player preference options

Open upper right menu from game screen or click 'Options' tab below the game board to access these preference options.

Card style

  • Original: Uses original card images.
  • Simple: Uses simpler card images with better number visibility.


  • Thematic: Uses beach-themed fonts.
  • BGA Default: Uses BGA default fonts.

Play sound effects

  • Yes: Plays unique sound effects while dealing or playing cards and scoring.
  • No: Disable sound effects.