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Deliver crystals to your base.

The first player to get 10 or more points immediately wins. Different amount of players slightly changes the score needed for win.

Playing area

The game is for 2-6 players. In case of 5 or 6 players, the larger playing area is used. Tiles are hexagonal.


You take control of two bots. Each has space for up to three orders. These orders allow you to move the bot; turn it left and right; and load and unload crystals. There are also some special orders. Each player has one special order at the beginning of the game. Each turn all issued orders are executed, first of your bot A, then bot B. No orders (beside Double Modification) are ever consumed, they stay in the list of orders of given bot until you modify it.

Moving forward will push both crystals and bots if there is empty tile to push to. Bots can push only one object at a time unless they are using special order Dash. Bases can't be pushed. Your bots can load crystals from other bots and any bot can deliver to any base. You can also zap bots, both yours and enemy ones to make them do one basic order of your liking.


Crystals delivered to your base give you

  • blue - 2 points + random special order
  • green - 3 points
  • red - 4 points

When the game ends, you also score one point less than the core value per each crystal still carried by your bots. (1 for blue, 2 for green, and 3 for red)

New crystals will spawn in the central tile when crystals get delivered. If that tile is full, the player to whose base the last crystal got delivered to can pick one of the adjacent tiles. If those are also full, the placement circle enlarges again until there is an open option.


Each turn you can pick from one of these actions to modify the orders of your bots:

  • Keep the current orders - select this option in the upper ribbon
  • Add one order - click unused order, click unused order space
  • Change one order - click unused order, click used order
  • Delete one order - click used order, click X under it
  • Swap two orders of one bot - click used order, click used order
  • Delete all orders of one bot - click X under bot

In the first turn you can do two actions.

Additionally, once per game you can do two actions in any turn. For that, do the first action, select the Double Modification order, then do the second one. The Double Modification order is consumed during this process.

At game setup, there is the option to add some special tiles randomly to the board:

  • Rocks - immovable obstacles
  • Blobs - movable obstacles. These can be moved to any of the adjacent tiles by zapping, and can be pushed this way
  • Teleporters - crystals or bots that get on teleport tile from one direction appear in the same direction from the tile of the other same-coloured teleport
  • Mud - subtracts one from movement