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The Deck

1 Start card

18 Room cards (3 cards x 6 items) - each item has 1 card with black item square, 1 card with gray item square, and 1 card with white item square.

4 Guard cards (1 card x 4 arts) - Guards are always placed at the bottom of the deck. No plant guards.

The Heist

On your turn, draw a card and place it face up next to any room so that the squares line up. You may rotate the card if you like. Then move your pawn up to 5 squares orthogonally (not diagonally).

Black can move onto only black and grey squares.

White can move onto only white and grey squares.

If the thieves stand on the same item on two different squares during that move, you steal it.

Then if the room or guard played this turn shows the same painting or plant as two other rooms in play, choose one of those two rooms and flip it face down (either direction). It can no longer be entered or used to get items. A thief still in flipped room stays on the same tile, loses the item from that room, and must re-steal it elsewhere.

The thieves win if they steal all the items on the score sheet before the deck runs out.

The thieves lose if a guard of an item thieves do not possess is revealed.