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Race your goats up the mountains as many times as you can whilst trying to scale as many different mountains


First, roll the 4 dice

If more than one dice is a 1, you can turn the extra 1s into any number you wish, but must finish adjustments with at least one 1 showing

Sort the dice into groups of your choosing

Each group than sums to the value of 5 to 10 moves your goat on that track, any that sum outside this do not

Each space can occupy multiple goats, however when you reach the top of a track you take the highest point token there then send the goat to the base of the mountain

If you collect a point token for each mountain, you also claim the highest bonus token, this can be done multiple times each time you make a new set of all mountains

Game End

When the Bonus Token pile runs out, or THREE Mountains run out of normal tokens, finish the current round

Count up your Mountain and Bonus Tokens, the player with the most points, wins!

If tied, the tied player with the most goats currently on mountains wins!

If still tied, the tied player with the goat on the highest valued mountain wins!