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In Chimera Station, players take turns placing their alien workers on modules. When all are placed, players feed their workers (one food per worker), then take them back to set up for another round. The goal is to get the most points, and points can be earned by building modules, fulfilling conditions on perks, and taking a special Command Modules action.


Players can take turns placing one worker on a module. These can include:


Gain 2 food, for feeding your workers at the end of the round


Gain 3 money, for buying worker components and modules

Component Shops

Gain up to 2 components of one type. There's one shop of each type. It's also possible to gain food or coins instead if you have the right type of component on the worker.


Detach a component from a worker here to move up one space on your research track. This can give a perk, an extra worker, or other benefits.


Pick a module from the reactor at the bottom of the board. Pay its cost in coins, place it on a board space adjacent to an existing module, and gain the bonus on the board from the space selected. You may also move your worker there and activate its action if possible.


Refilling the Reactor will give the reward listed on the right most empty space (after module tiles slide to the right), as well as an extra bonus if an upgraded worker is used. (See Boiler Room in the rules for more info.)

Splicing Lab

Add components you've obtained previously to the alien worker placed here. Keep in mind a worker can have a maximum of two components, but you can both detach and attach components as needed here.

Workers Lounge

Gain one coin or one food. This is generally a weaker action, but can be useful if you need food or coins. Any number of workers can visit this space.

Private Perk Modules

Players may obtain private modules when the obtain a perk. These modules are only usable by the player who has that perk. See Perk Modules in the rules for examples.


Components are the upgrades you can use to improve your workers. They can be bought from the shops on the right side, and attached through the Splicing Lab, but there are other ways to buy and attach them as well.


At least one: Worker also scores module's point value the worker uses With both: When taking a Command Modules action, count all workers instead of only opponents' workers. (See Command Hub modules for more info.)


At least one: Worker can move to a space occupied by an opponent's zero or one component worker. With both: Worker can move to a space occupied by any opponent's worker. The worker previously occupying the space moves to the worker's lounge, and its owner gets 1 coin or 1 food. Note some spaces prevent displacement such as the Workers Lounge and Splicing Lab.


At least one: Worker does not need food during the feeding phase With both: Worker also produces two food.


At least one: When worker collects coin(s) and/or food, increase the amount collected of each by one. With both: When worker collects component(s), increase the amount collected by one (scoring 2 points for each not collected)