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Find Og's Blood by reaching the final room and defeating the last boss (Solo or Co-op)


The Dungeon is divided up into 4 floors

Each floor contains a certain number of Areas (2/2/3/3)

Each Area contains 8 Rooms which need to be tackled from top left to bottom right, following the rows in sequence

Character Stats

XP increases your level, which unlocks more dice

Armour decreases damage taken

HP is your life, if you reach 0, you die and LOSE!

Food is required to enter a new area, otherwise you lose 3HP

Gold allows you to purchase items at Merchants and use at Shrines

Potions have varying effects, but you can only ever be carrying TWO at the same time

If an effect causes you to lose a resource you are already at 0 in, lose 1HP instead


There are four dice types

White Character dice are your standard dice to roll

Black Dungeon dice are rolled for various dungeon effects

Green Poison and Purple Curse dice may also be in your pool of dice if you suffer these effects


On your turn, flip over a room and resolve it

After which, reveal the room to the right and the room below your current position, you can then choose which of these two to move to (Up/Left/Diagonal moves are not allowed, even if you can see a faceup card there)

This means that when you reach the rightmost column or the lowest row, you will no longer have a direction choice

Keep resolving rooms until you die or reach the lowest right room

Area Complete

Once an area is completed, reached and successfully resolved lowest right room, perform the following

Either eat 1 food or lose 3HP

If an effect had your character facedown, flip yourself faceup

Progress the Dungeon Mat

Setup the new area

Skill Checks

Some rooms require skill checks, roll your dice and if you get at least one star icon yourself then you succeed

The dungeon dice will determine the penalty or reward from failure or success as applicable