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The aim is to be the first to empty your goal pile.


First, play as many cards as you wish from your hand, side piles and/or goal pile to the central play piles.

Finally, play a single card from you hand to one of your 4 side piles to end your turn (You cannot play a card from your goal pile to this area).

The side piles can be in any order, but you can only use cards in this area from the top (the latest card) of each pile.

Play Piles

The piles aren't suit based, but have to be played from Ace, then 2, and sequentially upwards to Queen, with King or Joker being a wild.

You can play an Ace (or a wild) to an empty pile, or any other card to a pre-existing pile.

There can be at most 4 play piles at any given time.


If you play all 5 hand cards in a single turn, take 5 more cards from the stock and keep going.

If you complete a play pile with a Queen (or a wild acting as a Queen), shuffle the pile into the stock (creating space for a new pile) and take another go.