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During the carnival, everyone wears masks, so it's the perfect opportunity for your family to eliminate the rival family.

Discredit the opposing contender in St Mark's Square to ensure the title of Doge!

Win Conditions

in Volto, your goal is to either:

- have your candidate reach the opponent's palace line

- capture your opponent's candidate

- have your opponent capture both your ladies


On your turn, move one of your masks either to an empty space or onto an opponent's mask, capturing it.


If you capture a Noble, Advisor, or Soldier, the captee is removed from the board.

If you capture a Lady, BOTH the captee and captor are removed from the board.

If you capture a Candidate, you immediately win.


There are 5 Mask types, each with their own movement style

Noble (3) - Moves 1 space orthogonally, may capture

Advisor (3) - Moves 1 space diagonally, may capture

Soldier (1) - Moves forward, as many spaces as they want. The spaces must be empty, except for the last one as they may capture on the last space

Lady (2) - Moves 1 space orthogonally or diagonally, cannot capture

Candidate (1) - Moves 1 space orthogonally or diagonally, may capture