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Goal of the Game

The goal is to get tiles and place discs on them. The player who places all of their discs first wins - or if all of the tiles runs out, the player who has placed the most discs wins.

Player Turn

When it's your turn you select one of the 3 tiles after the moon-meeple. Empty spaces are ignored.

You place this tile in your play area next to another tile and move your player marker on the wheel by the number indicated on the top left corner of the chosen tile.

If that space is occupied, place your marker on top of the stack.

The next player will be the one whose marker is last (or on top if tied).


The other three corners of the tile show tasks, consisting of 1-4 dots in Red, Blue, Turquoise and/or Yellow.

In order to complete the task the tile must be adjacent to other tiles in the color of the dots (1 dot per color).

A tile can be used to fulfil multiple tasks (even of the same tile), but only once per tile.

If an adjacent tile has other adjacent tiles of the same color, they also count even if they are not directly adjacent to the task. This can be continued as desired.

Once a task is completed, place one disc from the supply on it.

Refill the wheel

If there are less than 3 tiles on the wheel at the beginning of your turn you can refill the wheel.

Game End

If one player has placed all their discs, they win. If all the tiles are gone, the player with the most placed discs wins. In case of a tie, the one whose turn it would be next wins.