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This game is about chocolate and the making of it.

Your factory floor is made up of stations which perform different actions, most of which require spending Coal to activate. You begin with 3 basic stations, but can add to these throughout the game. The stations only affect the crate adjacent to it. Each day, you will select a new employee (temporary) and station which will aid your progress.

At the top of the playing area, there are 5 order districts who want specific goods from you. You can only sell to these order districts if the employee you selected matches that district.

On your player board, you have Corner Shops, which are order areas which can be fulfilled regardless of employee chosen.


There are 5 phases to the turns







Gain 5 coal +1 per day

Draw 5 Employees and 5 Stations, these are grouped UNEVENLY so some may be in pairs and some on their own. Then players take turns taking a grouping until everyone has taken one employee pack and one station pack. Note this is one of each pack, not one of each card, so one player may end up with 2 employees and 2 stations. After which, all players discard down to one employee and 1 station.


Place the station you just gained into any slot, empty or occupied. If occupied, this replaces the previous function.


This plays out in 3 Pushes

On each push, place a new crate onto your belt, add a basic bean onto it, then slide all other crates along one to make room. If this causes chocolate to fall off the end of the track, these go immediately into your storehouse. After which, you may spend coal to activate any of your stations once each adding the coal spent onto it to remind that it has been used. After which, remove all coal and start a new push, except if that was your third push.

Any chocolate still on the belt at the end of third push stays ready for next day. However, on final day, all chocolate is retrieved.

Chocolate in your storehouse can, at any time, be traded for coal.

Don't forget to use Employees if their ability is applicable.


You can complete orders on your personal corner shops however you like and also complete orders from the public orders based on the matching of your employee.

Corner Shops have levels where the earlier level must be completed before the next, but multiple levels can be completed at once. e.g. a level 1 requires 1 yellow chocolate, a level 2 requires 2 yellow chocolate, you have 3 yellow chocolate and so can jump straight to level 2.

Public orders are competitive, again you can complete as much as you can or want to, but the outcome is based on how many sales you make compared to the other players.


If you have more than 2 chocolates in your storehouse, discard the 3rd and above which will be changed into coal

Discard the employee and any temporary benefits it gave you (e.g. an extra crate)

If you completed a Corner Shop fully, this can be put aside and a new one of either 1 2 or 3 levels of your choosing can be taken

Day and start player move along

End of Game

Earn money from the positions in public orders

Earn a bonus if you completed the most Corner Shop personal orders

Earn money for every coal and chocolate in your reserves