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Will you be the most discerning bird? The tropical forest is full of tasty fruits, but be careful: some may not actually be that good for you … Harvest the best fruits and use toucan cards wisely to protect your collection… or to steal from your opponents!

Once the draw pile is empty, count up the points from your collected cards and whoever has the most wins the game.


On your turn, pick 1 column and take all of its cards. Place the cards face up in front of you.

Toucan cards give the players access to special abilities. If you take a toucan card, use its effect immediately and discard it afterwards. If you take 2 or more toucan cards, use their effects in the order of your choice. (Note: you'll only find toucans in the second half of the draw pile)

The turn ends with adding one card to each column from the draw pile.

End of the game

Play until there is only 1 column left on the table (Note: every player plays the same number of turns). Discard the remaining column of cards.

Count up the points from collected fruit cards. The player with the most points wins the game.

Fruit cards

Set Fruits

The points you win for each set of fruit cards depend on the number of cards collected, as indicated on the pictogram.

The number of card piles shown on each fruit card corresponds to the total number of cards of this fruit in the game.

Majority Fruits

You win points per card depending on who has the most cards for each of these fruits. If a player has more of these fruit cards than anyone else, they score the higher point total per card. If not they score the lower point total per card. In the event of a tie all players score the lower point value per card.


There is 1 joker card. At the end of the game, you can decide which fruit cards set you add it to. It will count as one of those fruits. You can't add it to a complete set.

Toucan cards

There are 3 types of toucan cards. Toucans have special abilities. When you take one, use it immediately, then discard it and continue the game as usual. If you cannot use the effect, discard the card without using the ability. If you have more than 1 toucan card at the same time, use them in the order of your choice.

Gift Toucan

Give 1 of your face-up cards to another player.

Steal Toucan

Take a face-up card from another player.

Flip Toucan

Flip all the fruit cards in front of you and form a single pile, face down.

Note: you cannot look at your face-down cards again once they have been flipped. They cannot be given to, or stolen by, another player.

Game Components

70 cards, including:

  • 12 toucan cards
    • 4 Gift Toucan Cards
    • 4 Steal Toucan Cards
    • 4 Flip Toucan Cards
  • 58 fruit cards
    • 6 Acai berry Cards
    • 5 Avocado Cards
    • 5 Banana Cards
    • 5 Carambola Cards
    • 6 Coconut Cards
    • 4 Fig Cards
    • 2 Lime Cards
    • 2 Lychee Cards
    • 4 Orange Cards
    • 4 Papaya Cards
    • 3 Pineapple Cards
    • 6 Pomegranate Cards
    • 5 Rambutan Cards
    • 1 Joker Card