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The player with the most after 3 rounds wins. In case of a tie, the first player who played all hands in the last round wins.

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Before a round starts, everyone must determine using the green side or the blue side.

The first player must play a "Set". Then, players take turns to choose to player a "Bigger Set" or pass.

Once all other players choose to pass, the player who plays the card(s) wins the trick and must play a new "Set".

When only one player still has cards in their hand, the round ends. Players receive scores according to the order they empty their hands. And add up the score earned from "4"s.


To play cards on your turn, you must play a set of 1 to 4 cards. Each set must be cards of the same number or consecutive numbers. If there is a Leader Set on the table, your set must beat it.

- Set with more cards beat set with fewer cards.

- If the number of card is equal, same number beat sequences.

- If the type is also same, higher card values are stronger.

Exception: 4-4-4-4 is the highest set in the game.


If you choose to pass, you must flip a card from your hand or draw a card from the deck and decide to use the green or blue side.


If you play a set included 4(s) and beat other set, you immediatly receive 1 point.


In 2-player game, you don't receive any point from playing 4. The lead player of the next round is whom doesn't earn point.