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Each turn has up to 3 phases: Deeds, Fate, Cantrips.


In the Deeds (first phase), a player can play 2 actions from the following:

  • Draw 5 cards from the common pile (a player can't have more than 10 cards in hands. If more than 10, they need to discard the excess)
  • Play any amount of Shadow Cards from their hand to increase the value of their Personal Die of the same amount (the Die can raise up to 7)
  • Use the Personal Die to move their Characters (after using the Die value to move Characters, the Die decrease the value by 1)
  • Sacrifice a Magic Crystal to perform a Control on one of the opponent's Characters (the Crystal sacrificed is discarded)

The player can play 2 different actions or 2 times the same action.


During Fate (second phase), the player needs to resolve (if triggered) one or more of the following scenarios:

  1. Discover Magic Land via Mystical Source Activation
  2. Conquer Magic Lands
  3. Evoke new character
  4. Play Magic Battles


During Cantrips(third phase), players can (optionally)

  • Convert Magic Crystals to get experience points (XP)


  • Get Boons from Volcano Magic Lands

Game's end

The game ends if one of the following conditions take place :

  • A player completes their 6 spaces for Magic Land in their Personal Board


  • 3 magic land piles of any kind are depleted


  • A player loses all their Vital Crystals (losing 4 Magic Battles)

How to win the game

A player win if:

  • Has the highest amount of Experience Points


  • The opponent lost all their Vital Crystals.