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In Gangsta!, players personify the character of a Boss who is determined to expand their influence at the expense of their rival factions. Players will be required to recruit a number of gangsters in order to perform the most profitable heists available. At the end of the game, the player with the most Influence wins.


  • Each player randomly receives a Boss Card and the indicated number of $.
  • Set up a river of 5 available heists from the first chapter (Genesis).
  • Set up a river of 5 available gangsters.


Players take turn Mobilizing their gang before performing one of the three Actions allowed, recruiting a gangster, performing a heist, or passing.

At the end of each player turn the river is replenished, and if a snitch is revealed its effect is resolved immediately

Gang mobilization

If a gangster previously took part in a heist they are engaged, if not they are available

During this phase a player can pay 1$ to change a gangster from engaged to available, this can be performed for free once per available gangster with the Leader (yellow) skill


If all the of gangsters of a player are engaged the gang is deemed synchronized and they all become available.



A player can recruit a gangster by paying the cost of that gangster to the bank.

Perform a Heist

In order to perform a heist, a player must engage enough gangsters to have all the skills required by the Heist Card. Heists can only be performed by Available gangsters.

The player first selects the heist then starts engaging gangsters taking part in the heist. A gangster can on be selected if they have at least one skill still needed to perform the heist.

Once all the skills needed for the heist are met, all the gangsters are engaged and the player collects Influence, Money as well as any additional rewards from the heist.

Cooperative heists

When selecting the team performing the heist once the first gangster has been selected following the usual rule, the remaining gangsters can be picked from any player gang. If two or more players are involved, each player who has at least one gangster participating in the heist will gain the cooperative reward (including the initiator).


A player can decide to pass their turn. By doing so, the player receives an income equivalent to the number of gangsters possessing the Leader (yellow) skill.


When a snitch card is revealed (during chapter 2 & 3) each player must immediately pay 1$ per Informant (green) skill on the card. They can reduce this cost by 1$ per Informant skill in their gang.

If they do not have enough money to pay they must discard one gangster

A Boss can never, under any circumstance be discarded, if they are the only eligible gangster then nothing happens.


The game is divided in three chapters

  • Genesis is the first chapter
  • Gang Wars starts when one player recruits their 4th gangster
  • Domination starts when one player recruits their 7th gangster


At the end of the Genesis chapter an additional income is awarded to players called opportunity income. Each player adds the amount of skills within their gang

  • The player with the most skills receives nothing
  • The players with fewer skills receive the difference in money

Gang Wars

There are 3 snitches in the Gang Wars heist deck, rated 2, 3, and 4 Informant (green) skill

At the end of the Gang Wars chapter each player adds up the amount of Mercenary (grey) skill in their gang.

  • The player with the most Mercenaries doesn't lose any gangster
  • Every other player (everyone in case of a tie) must discard 1 gangster

Special rule for 2 players : if one player has double the amount of Mercenary (grey) skill or more, they will choose which gangster is discarded.


There are 5 snitches in the Domination heist deck, rated 3 or 4 Informant (green) skill

End Game

The game immediately ends when a player recruits their 9th gangster, or when the 3rd Snitch from the Domination Chapter is revealed.


Each player will add the Influence they have gained.

  • The sum of Influence on your gangsters
  • The sum of Influence from heists you have performed
  • The wealthiest player wins 2 Influence (1 if tied)
  • The player with the most gangsters wins 2 Influence (1 if tied)

The player with the most Influence wins the game.