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Differences Between Physical and BGA

Please be aware that there are a few meaningful differences between a physical copy of Distilled and the BGA implementation:

  • On BGA, the distill phase is taken in player order. This is to facilitate the flow of the game, especially in asynchronous play. Each player distills their spirit and claims their label in player order starting with the first player token.
  • On BGA, the Drone Camera is not part of the Distillery Upgrade deck.
  • On BGA, the choice of flavor cards for Doig Ventilator is automated to pick the most valuable flavor.


Create, age, and sell Spirits in order to be the best distiller over 7 rounds


The rounds are broken up into 4 Phases






In clockwise order, each player either makes a purchase or passes

Passing takes you out of the Market phase until all other players have passed, which ends the phase

You can purchase as much as you wish over this phase, but can only purchase a maximum of 2 basic items in each Market Phase. Purchases you can make are distillery upgrades, premium ingredients, premium items like bottles or barrels and recipes.

Your Recipe List shows you what grade a recipe is and thus how much it costs to purchase


In clockwise order, starting with the first player, select ingredients to put into your washback.

You may exchange an ingredient or premium item for a basic ingredient of equal or lower value once

All ingredients not being used are put in your Pantry

Make sure to play at least one Yeast, one Water, and one Sugar card otherwise you cannot distill

Add one Alcohol card for each Sugar card played

Shuffle all the cards together, the uppermost and lowest card are returned to the Pantry

The remaining cards are revealed and see if they match a Known Recipe

Vodka requires any sugar and Moonshine requires no sugar, so these are always available, but you are trying to aim for the better recipes if you can

Select the spirit you would like to make and claim a label for it if it is available.


If a Recipe you just distilled has the egg timer symbol, it cannot be sold in the same round

Alternatively, if a Recipe you just distilled has the red blocked egg timer symbol, it MUST be sold this round

Similar to the Market phase, this is done in turn order with each player making one sale per turn until everyone has passed

Check the cards relating to the Spirit you wish to sell and the total value is the money you will receive for the sale

If there are any SP icons on this, these are victory points you will also gain

Place the label on your bonus board and gain the bonus immediately

If you used the starting Metal Barrel or Glass Bottle, return this to your storeroom for later use

Place Premium Bottles in your display for end game points

Basic cards, Alcohol cards, Premium Ingredients, Flavor Cards, Signature Ingredients, and Premium barrels are all discarded

Selling an greater Aged Spirit will gain more points than a lesser aged spirit, but will still gain the same money


Age all Spirits in your warehouse one step

If this is the last round, warehouse Spirits will still age, but cannot be sold, however there are still points for retained Spirits in warehouse

Round End

After Aging, check the Awards, if you achieve one gain the points and make it inactive

If multiple players gain the same Award, split the points evenly and make it inactive

If you made no sales this round, you can exchange up to 4 points into the same amount of money, but cannot transfer points you don't have

If this is round 3, discard one of your personal goals

Then change the starting player clockwise

Game End

The game ends at the end of the 7th round

Gain points for Spirits in your warehouse with a few changes, no flavor bonus, no label bonus, no bottle, no money

Gain points for displayed bottles of the same region and/or if you have 3 or more regions represented

Gain points from distillery upgrades if applicable

Gain points from personal goals you have achieved

Gain 1 point per 5 money remaining

The player with the most points, wins!

If tied, the player with the most money, wins!