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Gameplay (4 players)

Phase 1: Setup

  • All players get income. The starting player and the player on his or her left get 1 gold. The other two players get 2 gold.
  • Add food in the food stands according to the exhibition tile.
  • Put 2 new artifacts, 2 new cages, 1 addon and 3 new baby pets.
  • If there are remaining size 2 pets, they grow up to size 3. If there are remaining size 3 pets, they are discarded and 1 meat is added.

Phase 2: Shopping

  • All players simultaneously and secretly divide their imps and gold into groups.
  • A group must have at least 1 imp, but can have any number of gold.
  • You can have at most 6 groups. You don't need to assign all imps or all gold.
  • When everyone are finished, reveal all groups.
  • Send the groups starting with the largest size (imp+gold). If multiple players are tied, start with the starting player.
  • If a group is sent, all gold with it goes to the bank. If you decide to keep it home, you take back the gold.

Phase 3: Need Cards

  • Place new cages and addons, which cannot be moved later, but can be removed or replaced.
  • Put all pets in cages (1 pet in 1 cage), they can be moved later with any suffering and mutations on it.
  • If you cannot put all pets in cages, you must release the remaining pets and lose reputation for it.
  • Each player has 1 card of each colour in hand at any time except phase 3.
  • Draw 1 card of the same color for each revealed color bar and assign one card for each matching colour bar.
  • You can assign potions, which needs nothing, instead of a need card. However you have to discard a card of the replaced colour later.

Phase 4: Showing Off

  • For each hunger need, spend a food token corresponding to the type of pet or put a suffering token on it.
  • For each poop need, put a manure token in the cage.
  • For each play need, hire an imp to entertain it or put a suffering token on it. An imp can play with two adjacent pets at once.
  • If a pet’s anger needs exceed its cage’s strength, use one available imp for every anger need that is not handled by the cage or its addon, or it escapes and you lost it. All used imps for angry needs go to the hospital.
  • If a pet’s magic needs exceed its cage’s antimagic, the pet mutates. Put 1 mutation token on the pet for each magic need that is not handled by the cage or its addon. If a pet has 2 or more mutations, it disappears and you lost it.
  • If the total of manures and disease needs are larger than 2, put one suffering token for each point by which it exceeded 1.

Action Spaces

  • Food Stand: Take all the food from the stand (vegetables, meat or mixed).
  • Artifacts: Take both artifacts. They are yours until the end of the game.
  • Cage: Choose a cage. You can't take this action if your group has only 1 imp.
  • Addon: Choose an addon and take it.
  • Buying a Pet: The lower space allows you to choose a size 2 pet. The upper space allows you to take a size 3 pet. You can't take this action if you don't have gold.
  • Inviting New Imps: Take back all your imps from this round and previous rounds.
  • Visiting the Hospital: Draw a potion. Also take all injured imps back.
  • Volunteering for Judging: Move your minion to space 2 in the exhibition tent.
  • Booking Time on the Platform: At the end of the round, imps on this action space do not return to your Burrow Board. Instead, they will move

over to the right side of the platform. When you sell a pet, you may use 1 of your imps on the platform.

2/3 player variant

  • The starting player gets 1 gold and others get 2.
  • There will be neutral imps that block spaces. They move following the arrows each round.