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Tips pontedeldiavolo

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For the rules of ponte del diavolo, see GameHelpPonteDelDiavolo


Controlled Square
A square that the opponent cannot use.
Critical move
A move with the highest priority due to the opponent's possible moves.
Create multiple threats with one move.
All possible moves devalue a player's position.



  • Control the centre.


  • Place tiles with bridging potential as the priority.
  • Place tiles to increase the possibilities of completing islands.
  • Aim to construct "fork" (chess terminology) structures to increase options for building bridges.
  • Aim to increase the number of useful controlled squares.
    • Useful meaning able to either:
      • Connect islands and/or
      • Build islands.
  • Force the opponent to complete islands such that you gain control of important squares.


  • Calculating all possible moves becomes easier as there are fewer legal moves.