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Tips numberdrop

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For the rules of number drop, see GameHelpNumberDrop


  • Try not to waste numbers or leave holes, the more you waste the less maximum points you can get.
  • Keep an eye on other players, try to work out what they are doing and how it might affect you.
  • Score combinations that are no longer accessible over combinations that could still be added to.
  • Don't feel like you need to score a combination as soon as you complete it, there will be more turns than combinations you score.
    • This can be useful especially if you get an early "8" combination - it might be more worth scoring only 7 later on to go for the bonus 10 points over the 8 points.
  • Normally it is not worth sacrificing higher point combinations to trigger lower point value block piece drops, unless it has some obvious advantage to you.
  • Be aware of falling behind in points, the other player(s) can simply end the game to win.
    • Less important in multiplayer games if other players are keeping up.
  • Be careful triggering block piece drops if you are far behind in points, it can allow the point leader to end the game knowing they will win.
    • As you will be stuck on whatever points you have while they drop the block.
  • If you have fallen behind and fear the other player may end the game, aim for as many points as possible to try beat them if they do take the -5 points and end the game.


  • A game can be won very quickly by strategically going for the bonus ten points for completing all combinations of identical numbers, or all combinations of sequences.
  • Once you have secured the bonus, it is often possible to simply end the game, taking the -5 point penalty, knowing you are enough points ahead to win.
  • Some tips for achieving this:
    • This strategy is much easier in two player games than multiplayer games.
    • Typically, sequences are easier to achieve than identical numbers, purely because it is unlikely for a roll to give you many identical numbers.
      • It is much easier to set up a roll of 4 different numbers to require only 1 or 2 specific numbers/pieces to get a 6 or 7 in a row sequence.
    • Make sure you build upwards so that you are ready to end the game as soon as you complete your last sequence.
    • Don't worry about block drops, they only help you build upwards and/or get points for completing more rows.
    • Once you have your bonus ten points, try to end the game ASAP, assuming you opponent(s) are not close in points.
    • Don't worry about sacrificing rows if it will help get combinations faster.
    • Don't score the 8 point combination unless you are sure you don't need those numbers for other combinations that will help get the bonus.
    • If you are going to end the game, double check that you opponent(s) can't get enough points to catch you in the next turn.
      • Never end the game if you are not guaranteed to win by ending it.
    • If more than one player are using this strategy and achieve the bonus at the same time, it then becomes a game of who can score the highest in the other combination column.
      • Aiming for block drops will help a lot at this point in the game to clog your opponents board.