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Tips nidavellir

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For the rules of nidavellir, see GameHelpNidavellir

Which coin should I place for bidding?

  • Make sure to go for heros whenever possible.
  • Also, when you don't really mind about which card you get always play the lowest one.
  • At the beginning of the game aim for a high coin (7+) which will make sure you get the cards you need when you really care about them.

Trading v.s. Recruiting: How to balance?

Which types should I go for?

  • All types of dwarves have unique way of scoring points. Depending on first couple of rounds, decide what your startegy is going to be.
  • You could choose to balance all Dwarf types, and try and recruit the maximum number of ranked heroes to do that. This strategy I reckon is the best for beginners.
  • Sometimes you may choose a particular dwarf card just because it would be very beneficial for your opponent. Calculate the net point gain for yourself for all scenarios and then decide.

Review of All Heroes