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Tips dudo

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This is the Tips page for Perudo.

For the rules of Perudo, see GameHelpdudo


  • Note how many dice are in play at the start of each round, since you'll be making guesses based on all the dice on the table.
  • Try to:
    • Guess the truth or
    • Bluff and lure other players into losing a die!
  • With few dice remaining, bluffing becomes more critical.
  • Watch out - Pacos don't count for anything in Palifico rounds (unless Pacos are bid of course)!



  • Only call calza when you are sure about it!
  • Calling Dudo is usually a better option.

Lost dice are visible

  • Use the lost dice are visible option to make the game easier.
    • No need to memorise how many dice are still in the game.
    • Helps to inform how high one can reasonably bid.