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This page is to find solutions for technical issues or manual steps related to games development on BGA Studio.

To contact BGA team if you are a player or a publisher (i.e. not a game software developer) please use this form

Studio Accounts Management

BGA player account is not the same as studio account (even if you name them the same).

Studio Games Management

  • Game management control panel located in Gear link if you click on your Account circle, direct link
    • This allows to create projects, delete projects and manage projects
  • Access to other project's source code
  • Access to frontend
    • Even if you cannot get source access via studio, you can see the java code, css and images asset by using Browser dev tools, see Practical_debugging
  • Push game to Alpha or Beta
  • Your project seems to be deleted after you came back a year after - create a new project with SAME name as before (you have to remember name) - it will be restored
  • You have permission issues syncing files, but you are admin - re-add yourself as admin via control panel. DO NOT delete yourself, just type name, select Admin and click add.
  • You managed to delete yourself from your own project - require admin interferance - contact studio via
  • You want to take over abandoned game
    • Please first ask on dev forum or discord - it may not be actually abandoned
    • You don't actually need to use that project, CLONE the game using control panel (create new project with similar name, copy over). If you don't abandon your project, finish the game and its ready to be published - admin can rename it
  • If you really think you need read or write access which you cannot get yourself - contact studio via

Help with Game development or setup

If you stuck or looking for help in regards to development (even if you think there is bug in framework) please contact fellow developers first before attempting to contact any of admins

Also some specific reading may help

Help with Game assets or licenses

Last resort

You can file a request that will land in the BGA ticketing system from the studio support page.

Pretty please use text above to solve your problems before filing a support request.