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Tips mattock

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For the rules of mattock, see GameHelpMattock

Summary and Links

Protect Open Spaces Around the Edge of the Board

  • As you mine and remove, you will eventually link your miners together and split the board’s territory with your opponent.
  • The last player who can mine wins, so whoever has more open space to mine in their own territory will win.
  • In the endgame, the open spaces will usually be around the edge of the board.
  • Protect edge spaces by blocking choke points with your miners, and building shapes that block your opponent's connections.

Block Your Opponent Using the 3 Basic Shapes

  • No tile can ever touch more than 3 other tiles.
    • So, when a tile touches exactly 3 other tiles, all of the adjacent open spaces are blocked.
    • There are only 3 ways that a tile can touch 3 other tiles, making 3 basic shapes:
      • the t-rex, whirligig, and diamond.
    • These shapes are described in the rules, strategy article, and strategy video.
  • Each time you mine, think about which of the 3 basic shapes you will make and how you will use them to protect edge spaces from your opponent.

Protect Your Miners From Removal

  • Connect your miners together to prevent your opponent from removing them.
  • Create shapes that block your opponent from connecting, so that your opponent's miners can't get between your own miners and sever your connections.
  • When you remove an opponent miner, check to make sure that your opponent can't reply by removing your own miners in return.