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The game is played over 10 rounds.

Each round the dice are rolled (5 for 4 player, 4 for 3 players and 3 for 2 players).

After that each player picks one of the dice and either the red or blue farmer and moves that farmer for the amount of eyes of the dice clockwise.

You collect the animals where the farmer ends and place them in the same color farm (there are two farms, blue and red).

After each player picked a dice, moved the farmer, and placed the animals the next round starts.

Farmers may not share the same space. If the farmer lands on the other farmer it moves one further.


There are 3 milks at the start of the game per player.

You can use milk to increase or decrease the dice by one per milk (may never end to be 0)


You score for milk, farm balance and animals.

  • Milk: 1 point per milk left at the end of the game
  • Balance: -1 point per difference in the amount of animals (10,10 = 0, 8,12 = -4, 6,14 = -8, etc.)


For some animals (pig, sheep, cow+calf) you score if they are adjacent in the same farm.

  • Pigs: 1 point per pig, 6 per adjacent pair.
  • Sheep: 0 point for a solo pig, 2 for a pair, 12 for a triple
  • Chicken: 2 point per chicken
  • Cows and Calves: number of cows * number of calves which are adjacent to each other.
  • Horses: Player with most horses gets 10 points, 2nd gets 6 points (0 points in 2 player). In case of a draw 2 players get 10 points, nobody gets 2nd place points.
  • Forest Friends: can be across both farms: scored for set of different types: 1 = 1, 2 = 4 points, 3 = 8 points, 4 = 12 points, 5 = 18 points.