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The objective is to make sets of identical objects and score points.

Player's Turn

  • Draw the top fortune card, which affects you for this turn.
  • Roll all 8 dice. Each die has 6 faces: coin, diamond, monkey, parrot, saber (sword) and skull.
  • If you roll 3 skulls, you forfeit your turn.
  • If you get 4 or more skulls, you go to the island of the dead. Otherwise, the turn continues.
  • You can reroll any of your dice, except skulls, but you must reroll at least 2 dice.
  • If you get 3 or more skulls after the reroll, you are disqualified and score nothing.


  • Each set of 3 or more scores points as follows: 3:100, 4:200, 5:500, 6: 1000, 7:2000, 8:4000.
  • Each diamond and coin is worth an additional 100 points.
  • If the player generates points with all 8 dice, they score an extra 500 points.

End of Game

  • If a player gets 5000/6000/8000 or more points, others can get a final turn.
  • The winner is the player with the highest score after the final round, if they have more than 6000 points.
  • Otherwise, the game continues.

Skulls Island

  • If a player rolls 4 or more skulls in their first roll, their turn doesn't end. Instead, they go to Skulls Island for that turn.
  • They can reroll as normal, except they can only continue if they roll at least 1 skull. Otherwise, their turn ends.
  • Opponents each lose 100 points per skull. Other objects have no value.

Fortune Cards

  • Animals: Monkeys and parrots are grouped together and counted as a type.
  • Diamond: You start with 1 extra diamond.
  • Gold Coin: You start with 1 extra gold coin.
  • Guardian: Once during your turn, you can reroll a skull.
  • Pirate: Double all points (positive or negative) in this turn.
  • Pirate Ship (2-4): If you roll at least the number of sabes on the card, you get bonus points (2:300, 3:500, 4:1000). Otherwise, score nothing but the same number of negative points.
  • Skulls (1-2): You start with the amount of extra skulls on the card.
  • Treasure Island: Place dice on this card if you want. They are protected and must score, even you roll 3 or more skulls.

If you are playing with the promo cards the following also appear:

  • After the Storm: You are only allowed to reroll your dice once. You receive double points for diamond and coins. If you visit Skull Island, you can only reroll once. If you roll 3 skulls, your turn ends but you score according to skull island rules.
  • Peace: You have to end your turn without any sabres, or you score -1000 per sabre and your other dice are worth zero. If you succeed, you get double the points. You are allowed to go to Skull Island, but you are not allowed to roll sabres there or your opponents will not lose points.