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Be Discreet and Secretly Win! A game mixing bluff and strategy, Kabaleo promises an intense and unique experience! A dynamic game of placing pyramids, removing them from the game, stacking them and changing the color of pyramid piles. The player whose color is most represented on the board wins the game.


- Pyramid bases are placed randomly on the table.

- The rest of the pieces (pyramids) are divided and placed visibly in front of the players.

- Each player is given a hidden pyramid color.

- The object of the game is to ensure that this is the majority color across the playing board at the end of the game.


On his or her turn, each player places a pyramid of any available color at a location of their choice. When a piece is played on top of a non-matching colored pyramid, the pile color changes to the new color on top. If a player places a piece on top of a pyramid of the same color, both pyramids are removed from the game and the pile reverts to the color of the piece revealed.


- Players cannot play a color pyramid on a base of matching color.

- Players cannot play a piece on the same location as the previous move.


Once all pieces have been played, the player left with the most piles of their color on the board wins the game. If there is a tie, then the player with the most top pieces wins. If there is still a tie, then the player with the highest pyramid wins.