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Tips viamagica

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Starting Portals

  • Your starting portals should be not too hard, but not too easy.
  • If the yellow bonuses are doomed to waste, don't choose them.
  • Choose an easy portal which can support your plan and two medium to hard ones which give you points in the long term.

Comments for all colours:

  • Yellow: If you have other portals that match the bonus, such as extra crystals with 5-6 spots or placing with matching spaces, choose them.
  • Green: If it can yield at least 6 points with other portals you plan, choose them. However, the blue and yellow bonuses are too expensive.
  • Purple: These are high bonuses, and with the right choices you can get points running thoughout the game.
  • Blue: Seem hard, and low score. But quite useful if it is neither fire nor shadow. Air and water are good players' first choice, no matter what.

Consider a variety of animus across your portals, so that you could always place them - let no animus go to waste. Going for portals with a smaller number of animus that are easier to fill may earn you bonus from being the first to a set of colors or a number of portals.

Respond to What is Drawn

  • If many of a kind are drawn, don't expect one too early, leave that temporaily and finish others first.
  • If you use all your crystals, move some to make a two-fork. Then finish whatever comes up first.

What if There Are Two Choices

Speed is key. Finish those can be finished immediately first. If two can be finished with an animus, choose the one with a higher value.

  • Yellow: Don't forget to calculate the combos it can bring.
  • Green: There are chains in different green portals. Remember to consider.
  • Blue: If many of that type is drawn, leave them for now. Otherwise, finish them to get that bonus.

Achievements to Aim For

  • One of Each Kind: Best to aim. There is a good chance that blue will appear sometimes. And the 8 point bonus is really cheap.
  • Green or Blue: High risk, high reward. But if there are some in your starting portals (2 or more), don't hesitate.
  • Yellow or Purple: They are side targets for average players, so you probably don't want to fight for it. Unless you can take it away fast.
  • Number of portals: Never get the 2 or 3 one. Also, claim when you finish at least 7-x portals (x as number of players), unless you have a combo or a quick method to get the 5 or 6 portals bonus.


  • Written by ArielFriedrichGauss
  • Ideas by slywww2020