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Tips skull

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Basic Strategy

  • It is advantageous to be the first player. Therefore it is worth taking the risk of losing a disc for it.
  • It is good to bluff and bid even if you play a skull. It can tempt the challenger to feel safe, and flip over your skull.
  • To win, you must beat your opponent psychologically. Don't be afraid to comment on you and your opponent's actions, and even lie!

Fine Points

Putting Discs

  • It is usually not a good idea to put more than 1 disc down as it can stuck you with a high number.
  • If you are planning to bid for winning, you should always put flowers, especially when you have 1 point.
  • However, it is also encouraged to put skulls down and bid a low number since it can push the number up. Do be careful not to be the challenger!


  • One of the main bluffs is to put a skull down and lead a low number. That way your opponent usually assumes you have a flower.
  • You maybe able to get away a few times, but then play a flower for real with a low bid. That way your opponent will think you have a skull.


  • At the near end of the game, most people should be desperate and playing flowers. Therefore you maybe able to get some points from bidding.
  • Pay attention to people with 1 or 2 discs. If no skulls are found from them, it is safe to open their discs.