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Throwing of Sticks

The chances of getting every number (1-5) is actually different. Some beginners have the misunderstanding that their probability is all 1/5.

  • Chances of throwing 1: 1/4 25%
  • Chances of throwing 2: 3/8 37.5%
  • Chances of throwing 3: 1/4 25%
  • Chances of throwing 4: 1/16 6.25%
  • Chances of throwing 5: 1/16 6.25%

What if you drowned?

That's bad! But should you return or not?

If you have only one stone left, of course not. Getting back from field 15 costs you more time actually than attempting to escape.

But if you have at least 3 stones, it is better to return than to drown for several turns.