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Tips niagara

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For the rules of niagara, see GameHelpNiagara

Basic strategy

Don’t fall over the falls!

  • It is hard to recover from this as you lose a boat and you can only get it back by paying a gem.
  • If you do lose a boat be careful about when you pay to get it back.
  • Remember that you can only bring one boat back in at a time.
  • You don’t want to give the last vital gem to an opponent.

Play your small numbers early

  • This will keep some large numbers in reserve so you can either:
    • Get a gem out or
    • at least avoid plummeting over the falls.

Plan when to play your cloud

  • Don’t be forced to play it when you really need to move upstream to avoid going over the falls.
    • It is embarrassing and will cost you a boat!
  • When you are in front, reduce the river speed.
    • This speeds up the game
  • When you are behind, increase the river speed.
    • This slows the game
  • This will give you and other players more opportunities to steal gems from the leaders.

Steal gems whenever possible

  • Unless that sets up your opponent to get the gem they need to win.
  • The fewer gems your opponents has, the more work they need to do to win.

Avoid being stolen from whenever possible

  • If your opponents have used all numbers required to land on a particular space this turn, then treat that space as a safe place for this turn only.

Remember all your opponents’ numbers played

  • This is your key to developing a winning strategy.
  • Without this information, you are just guessing and hoping.
  • Be informed, don’t play randomly.

Defend against sudden victories by your opponents

  • You need to keep in mind all possible victory conditions and make sure no opponent is getting close to one of them.
  • Reduce the number of purple or white gems available if an opponent is going for one of these.
  • They only need four of the same gem, so don’t wait until they have their third or fourth gem loaded on a boat.
  • Remove the possibility of someone else getting four gems by getting that gem too.
  • All opponents should work together to stop the leaders winning.
  • If an opponent is carrying a gem they don’t need for their victory, don’t steal it from them as it only makes their job easier.
    • Unless you need it yourself!