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Tips martiandice

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For the rules of martian dice, see GameHelpMartianDice

Main Strategy

  • The rule of thumb of Martian Dice is to get the most without pushing too far.
  • It can be getting many of a kind, or aim for 3 types and that 3 extra points.
    • But in my opinion, the latter is better.
  • This is because getting lots of a kind is not common, and you may already have 1 or 2 of that kind because you must set aside something if you can.
  • If you aim for 3 types, you need at least 3 dice, which is easier.

First Roll

  • If there are 4-7 death rays, set them aside.
  • If not then set aside the smallest samples.

Second Roll and Onward

  • If you don't have enough death rays, set some aside.
  • If not then set aside the smallest uncollected samples.

When to Stop

  • Stop when:
    • You get at least 5 points
    • You collect all 3 types of samples
  • If the death rays are enough to defeat the tanks-who knows what will be next?


  • Be cautious, or you will get nothing.
  • Just aim for 3 types and score high.

Probability Analysis and Trainer

  • If you're interested in how to calculate the most advantageous path through the rolls, you may be interested in this probability analysis.
  • The article also contains a link to a Martian Dice trainer that the author created.