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Tips marcopolo

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  • Resources will always be tight! Plan accordingly.
  • There are only 5 rounds. Do not waste actions/dice.
  • Be very much aware of the rules regarding placement of dice! If a blue field already holds dice, you have to pay the value of your lower die on top of any other costs. Use low dice values strategically (if necessary pair them with
  • Blue fields can only hold your dice color once. There is no such limit for black/white dice. In a pinch obtain some of those to activate a section of the board a second time in the same round.
  • Determine the essence of your trader's power (most of them in a convoluted way boil down to "you won't need to spend many dice on this area of the board") and make it part of your travel plan.
  • Do not follow in the footsteps of another player. They'll just snatch all the "first trading post" bonuses up.
  • Reach small towns early, their recurrent bonus will help you over the game.
  • Plan everything at the start of the game: your route, which effects you hope to unlock, ...
  • Try to be the last one to travel in any given round (buy black dice or take single die actions to increase the odds of you traveling last). It will be more expensive (so save at least one low value dice for the actual travel) but it allows you to go first in the next round (meaning you can pick the best new contracts, pay no fees at the market, ...)
  • Contracts that reward a free movement or black die are very valuable