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Strategy Tips

  • Do not turn over the timer "too soon", since it doesn't reset to zero you will lose any time that was still remaining
    • eg. - if you turn it over at 2min with 1min sand remaining, you now only have 2min remaining on the timer, not 3min again!
    • so waiting until "the last moment" gives you the most time
    • leaving a Hero standing directly next to a sand timer with the player with the correct action tile watching the clock is recommended
  • Find all exits before stealing the items!
    • seems like a no brainer, but in the heat of the moment...

Remember the Essentials

Here are some important rules to keep in mind before starting the game:

  • Players do not "take turns" and you do not "play" or discard the Action tiles when you use their effects. You just perform the action(s) that your Action tile allows you to do, as many times as you wish, at the moments that you deem appropriate.
  • In order to explore a passage to an unexplored tile, a Hero pawn must be on an Exploration space of its own color. After the passage has been explored, any hero can pass through in both ways.
  • Hero pawns can neither pass through walls nor other heroes. There can never be two Hero pawns on the same space.
  • The Use a Vortex action allows you to move the Hero pawns from anywhere to any Vortex space of that hero’s color.
  • When all four Hero pawns are standing on the Item spaces of their respective colors, turn the Theft tile over and run for the exit!
  • You are not allowed to use the Vortex system during your escape (after having stolen the items)!
  • The plan is simple: explore, steal the four items, run to the exits!