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Tips geekoutmasters

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Most of the fun of the game came from discovering those tips. I advice you to not read those.

You want to try to have no chance to lose in nearly all turn. To do that, you want to have one superman and one rocket available. If you have those, whatever your others tiles are, you can: 1) use all your heart 2) transform your dragons into superman 3) use all your reroll in your superman 4) use your rocket in the 3)-dice left 5) point your 42

It will often be not the best thing to do, but it's the base. If you have one rocket and one superman and you lost, it could always have been avoided, and often avoiding it was best.

The second thing is is to try to unlock your dices. You want to put full priority on that. So don't hesitate to transform a 42 into an heart to have more dices, or to rocket those to have more dices later.

The third thing is when you have all dices unlocked, instead, try to keep one superman and one red dice. And then use all your green dice first.