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Tips draftosaurus

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Basic Strategy

  • Keep the dinos that there are less off on your hand. If there are few in your hand, there should be more in your opponents'.
  • T-Rexes can give more score but can limit your placement. Therefore get a few, but not too much.

Summer Board Strategy

  • Go for the Woody Trio and the Meadow of Differences. They are easier to finish.
  • If there are many T-Rexes, you can try to place T-Rexes in the Forest of Sameness.
  • Savvy players can use the Solitary Island as soon as another player places multiple dinos in the Forest of Sameness.

Winter Board Strategy

  • Lovers' Bridge is good. It is quite flexable and yield 3 points per dinosaur if succeed.
  • A Well-Ordered Wood is recommended if there are lots of dinosaurs of two types.
  • Avoid the Quarantine Zone unless you can't place the dinosaur elsewhere.