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Tips battleforhill

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Winning 2 move combos:

  • Air Strike + Special Forces
  • Artillery + Special Forces

Strong Positions: Surround both sides, left and right of no man's land. Heavy Weapons as your home base unit helps defend those two crucial spaces.

NOTE: Don’t end your turn with opponent’s unit remaining in either of these spots — you will be at great risk of the above two move combos! If you can’t get rid of them, destroy their home base unit with air strike to cut off their supply and give yourself another chance next turn.

Strong Plays: Play to both Left and TopLeft. For example, 2 Tanks can be played to do this.

A Special Forces can be played to Left, this alone has support back to base. If not destroyed, can play to win Artillery + Special Forces.

Similar trick can be played with the Paratroopers. Paratroopers behind the opponent's home base, allows a Heavy Weapons on Left to destroy base and then Special Forces.