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As the Sheriff

  • While you are protected by your deputy, you are the target for the most of the time. Enjoy the spotlight when you can!
  • The first thing you want to do is to build defenses. Barrel, Mustang are your allies and every Missed and Bang cards is useful.
  • Don't waste your resources on attacking if you don't know who is who. The more cards you hold in your hand, the better chances you have in the long run. If nobody targets you, be patient and collect defensive cards.

As the Outlaw

  • Your main target is killing the sheriff, so if you can, you should attack him.
  • Outlaws should work as a team, so the earlier you show other outlaws that you are their teammate, the better chances you have to win.
  • The longer you wait, the more time sheriff has to collect cards and the harder it will be to kill him.
  • However targeting the sheriff immediately in the first round as one of the first players playing after the sheriff can end with your early death. In this case wait at least one round with any attack.

As the Deputy

  • Your main target is to help the sheriff, so watch out for anybody that attacks him. Most of the time (playing with 6 and fewer players) all other players are your enemies.
  • Never, ever do any harm to the sheriff! Mass damage cards (Gatling, Indians) are ok, but any Bang, Panic or Cat Balou is the opposite of helping the sheriff.
  • Try to weaken outlaws and leave them for the sheriff to finish them, if he has a gun with enough range. That way the sheriff can collect the bonus for killing an outlaw. Otherwise end them yourself.

As the Renegade

  • Your main target is to be the last player against the sheriff and killing him. This is the most difficult, but the most interesting role to play as.
  • Renegade should try to keep balance between the outlaw team and the sheriff's team. You want outlaws to live long enough to do harm to the sheriff, but at the same time you want deputies to get rid of outlaws.
  • If there is more players in the outlaw team, play as a deputy and attack an outlaw. If there is more players in the sheriff's team or teams are balanced, attack a deputy.
  • Confusion can be your ally. However if you play the entire time as a deputy and you end up against a sheriff and a deputy (sheriff doesn't know who is who), your chances to win are usually very small, since you have to first kill the deputy which is attacking you back and then, usually barely surviving, you have to kill the sheriff which had the entire time to build his defenses.


  • When you get Stagecoach and Wells Fargo in your hand, use them before you start doing anything else. Drawing a good card from Wells Fargo can change your strategy.
  • It is better to pick one player to target with constant attacks until he is dead rather than always shooting once one player and another time another. It gives your targets time to recover with beers.
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