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The Buildings

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These are other powers that are given to some players randomly that are visible for all the players. (Visible next to the player's username.)

Vagabonds Just a regular house with no particular powers. However, the Mistress, the Barber, the Pyromaniac and the Raven can't use their power against you. Bailiff can also grant you a house with a special power when the person in that house is killed.

The School/Mistress The School Mistress can't vote. Every day, she can also forbid two players from voting. Except for those in Vagabond houses.

The Notary's House/Bailiff When players die, the bailiff can give their building to the other players in Vagabond houses.

The Farm/Farmers There can be several farmers. The farmers choose between themselves for the role of Captain. (Captain gets 2 votes at every village vote) When the Captain is killed they pass on their Captain Ability to another Farmer. (Normal rules without "House Expansion" allow Captain to be anyone)

The Bakery/Baker The baker wakes up when the werewolves are just going back to sleep. In this version there is a 25% chance of seeing a Werewolf.

The Hovel/Bonesetter During the day, the bonesetter can choose a player and give them back their power if they have used it. (Used once per game)

The Church/Confessor Once in the game, the Confessor can oblige a player to show him his character card.

The Manor/Lord Once during the game, the lord can save the village's victim.

The Pub/Bartender Werewolves can't kill him and villagers can't vote against him. They vote before the other players. But if they vote for somebody that gets eliminated, they lose the immunity of being killed/lynched.

The Barber Shop/Barber Once in the game, the barber can eliminate a player. But, if he isn't a werewolf, the Barber is immediately eliminated